Terms And Conditions



Safety :

Please do not leave your children unattended or leave the building even whilst your child is in the lesson.

  • do not distract your children whilst their lesson is in progress.

  • remove all Jewellery (where possible) before entering the pool.

  • Parents must not allow their children to climb on the table or chairs

  • Please be aware your children and belongings remain your responsibility at all times.

  • No pictures or videos are to be taken in the building at any time with out prior permission from the management.


Health & Hygiene

  • Everybody entering the pool must shower beforehand.

  • Children’s hair must be tied back at all times and the relevant swim hat worn

  • All babies must wear appropriate and right size swim nappies & Happy Nappy until potty trained.



Parents, please do not come into the pool if you have recently used fake tan or dyed your hair.

Never swim a sick child, it is very common for babies & children to pick up bugs especially during their first year, in our experience if they are just snuffy but happy and well in every other way then they may attend. If however they have a temperature or a cold has gone to their chest the we would recommend they do not swim.

If your child had diarrhoea or been sick, we please ask that your baby is clear of any symptoms for no less then 48 hours before they continue swimming.


We do have lockers in our changing room, please ask at reception for a key. You can then give the key back to the receptionist to store away whilst you are in your lesson.



Please leave all outdoor footwear in the entrance hall, alternately shoe covers can be provided from the reception desk.  Pushchairs and prams must also be left in the entrance hall.


Food & Drink

  • Please do not feed children for at least 1hour 30 minutes before their lesson.

  • Food and drink is only to be consumed in the seating area provided.

  • Please do not take or eat food in our changing rooms or entrance hall.

  • Please clean up after your children, cleaning tables, highchairs and putting all rubbish in the bins provided.






We have allocated customer parking located directly outside the building. Please do not park outside the other units, if there are no spaces available please see a member of staff.




  • We would be grateful if you could inform us of any absences at least 24hours in advance, with the exception of sudden illnesses or emergencies.

  • We will give a catch-up lesson if you tell us before your child misses their class.

  • Catch up lessons can only be took in the same term the lesson was missed unless permission from management is obtained

  • Except in extreme circumstances only two catch up lessons per term can be arranged.

  • If you child is ill and your doctor has advised not to let your child swim. We would require a written doctor’s note if any refunds are needed.

  • Our teaching staff are only human and sometimes they leave, become ill or wish to take holidays, this results in a teacher change.




  • To book lessons with us please fill in the appropriate form at our reception, alternatively please visit our booking page on here.

  • Every time a new course starts even if you’re an existing client you still need to Re-Book your lessons for the following term. You have the first two weeks of when a course starts to re-book your lessons.

  • After the two-week period classes will then be allocated to clients that need to change times and new clients (A white form needs to be filed in for this)


  • All courses must be paid for when your booking form is submitted to Guarantee your swim time otherwise space cannot be guaranteed.

  • We accept Cash / Debit Card / Credit Card and Bacs transfer. Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express.  




If you have any complaints or need any general information, please call 020 86404488 between 9:30 – 5:30 Monday to Friday or email dolphins_swim@btconnect.com.


Many Thanks

Dolphin Swim School