The following Terms and Conditions form the basis of a Contract between You and The Company.

Please take the time to carefully read through this Contract. By confirming with payment you are acknowledging that you have read, understood and agree to the following terms and conditions.


The definitions of words used throughout this document are listed below:-


‘The Company’          means Dolphin Swim School of Office, Unit 16 Boundary Business Court,  

                                  92-94 Church Road, Mitcham, Surrey, CR43TD.


‘We’ ‘Us’ or ‘Our’       means The Company


‘Guardian’                 means a person other than a parent who brings the baby to the Lesson


‘You’ or ‘Your’           The person(s) signing this Contract


‘Course’                    a course comprising of  Lessons


‘Lesson’                    individual class within the Course each lasting approximately thirty



‘Instructor’                Employee provided by The Company who shall teach the Lessons


‘Premises’                The building within which the Lesson takes place. The building may not

                                 necessarily be the same building throughout the Course


Our Procedures and ResponsibilitIes and Duties to You:


1.1      We will provide a suitably qualified Instructor to work in the water to teach a programme of appropriate and suitable swimming techniques.                   Water temperature will be maintained at 30 degrees Celsius or above.


1.2      We shall endeavour to provide a temporary replacement Instructor in the event of any Instructor absence.


1.3       We reserve the right to replace Instructors at any point throughout the Term if we feel it necessary or appropriate to do so.


1.4       A copy of The Company’s Public Liability Insurance Policy is available for inspection.



1.5       We reserve the right to change the time of or cancel Lessons or Courses at any time up to and including the first day of term. Term booking                      schedules are provisional. Your final dates will be confirmed on your receipt of payment.


1.6      Every effort is made to keep Lesson numbers low but any target Lesson numbers that are given are just that - and We reserve the right to alter               Lesson sizes if necessary.


 1.7      If We need to cancel a Lesson then we shall text your mobile ‘phone and/or contact you via email. 


1.8      In the event of Us cancelling a Lesson We shall, where possible, add the cancelled session on to the next Course or on to any available day within             the term period.



1.9      If You or the Guardian know of any illness, medical condition or allergy caused to the baby then You must notify Us and the Instructor prior to               any Lesson and give full details so that We can take appropriate action or precautions if necessary.


1.10    In the event that We feel the baby is not able to go swimming due to illness, allergy or other appropriate reason then We reserve the right to                  prevent the baby attending a Lesson or the Course and in such circumstances. 


1.11   If You wish to withdraw your baby from the Course on medical grounds then We require a letter from your GP or specialist detailing the nature             of your child’s ailment and confirming that your baby has been medically advised not to swim for the period of the relevant  term. We also                       require a formal email of withdrawal and request for refund, from You.

          Any refund given on this ground shall be apportioned according to the number of Lessons  remaining in the course (not including any “catch-                up” lessons that have been booked within the relevant term) from the date of receipt of the aforementioned doctor’s certificate

          and Your written notification. The refund will then be sent to You at the end of the relevant term. 


1.12  In the case of illness or absence We will endeavour to offer a maximum of three “catch-up” classes per term; but We are not obliged to do so.                    Catch-up classes can only be taken within the dates of the term where the absence occurs and are subject to availability. If the “catch-up class”                 you have booked or are attending is cancelled you will not receive a refund or credit as compensation but will be offered an                                                 alternative reschedule opportunity, subject to availability. This must be taken within the relevant term.

Rules to be Observed by You Throughout the Course:


2.1   You will remain responsible for Your baby throughout the each Lesson and Your baby will  not be permitted to take part in the Lesson unless You          or the nominated Guardian are able to enter the water with Your baby to take responsibility.


2.2    No food or drink can be taken into the pool.


2.3     No food or drink should be given to the baby during the hour preceding the Lesson.


2.4     No cameras, mobile phone cameras or recording devices of any sort are permitted during classes. 


2.5     A ‘neoprene’ swim nappy and disposable swim nappy must be worn by the baby and any baby not suitably dressed will not be permitted to                      partake in the Lesson. No refund can be given in this event.


2.6     If You have a complaint then please do so in writing at our office details above. Any abusive or offensive behaviour towards any member of staff            will not be tolerated and You may be asked to leave the Lesson.


2.7      You and the nominated Guardian must conduct Yourselves in a manner promoting the safety and comfort of all in attendance and We can                     request that either You or the Guardian vacates the premises immediately if We feel it reasonable in the circumstances.  In this event no refund             can be given. No unaccompanied minors are allowed at any of our venues.


2.8      Neither You nor a Guardian should enter the swimming pool until permitted by the Instructor.


2.9    You should adhere to the individual requirements of each venue such as car parking.


2.10  You are responsible for all your personal possessions. Please take all personal items with you at the end of the class. 

Booking and Payment Conditions:


3.0    Bookings for the full term cannot be switched to an alternate day or venue, once the course has commenced, unless approved by management.


3.1    A Contract comprising these Terms and Conditions will come into effect once You submit a booking form and/or payment is made.


3.2    All bookings are accepted on a ‘first come first served’ basis and We cannot guarantee Your choice of day and time. It is therefore in Your interest           to submit full payment along with the booking form as soon as possible.


3.3   If on receipt of Your booking form and payment We cannot offer you your first or second choice Course then we will telephone You to arrange an          alternative time.


3.4   Payment must be received within five working days of reserving a place, or we cannot confirm Your place.


3.5   We shall email You confirmation of Your booking within five working days of receiving Your Payment.


3.6   Any correspondence or other contact will be directed to You and if any of Your personal details differ at any stage during the Course You must                notify Us immediately.  


3.7    We will offer You a full refund minus a administrative charge equal to 10% of your full course fee if You cancel your application at any point prior           to five working days before the Course begins. We will offer You a full refund minus an administration charge equal to   20% of your full course               fee, if You cancel your application at any time within the period of five working days before the Course begins. 




3.8    For the avoidance of doubt if You do not cancel Your application by the day before the first Lesson then We cannot offer a refund, credit or                       transfer of funds to future courses.


3.9   If You are owed a refund (either partial or full) then We can deduct it from the amount due  for the following terms fees if requested to do so.                  Alternatively a refund can be sent directly to You.


3.13   If You are unable to attend a Lesson then You will be permitted to attend another Lesson during the term however this can only be done three               times during the term and will only be provided where it is possible and must be attended during the current term. In the  event  that no                         additional suitable Lesson can be attended then no refund can be issued.


3.14   In the event that we cancel a lesson, we will provide a full refund with no administration fee or we will transfer the fee to an equivalent term,                 subject to availability. We will not offer any further compensation, credit or additional catch-up class. All refunds will be issued within 28                         working days.