Here at Dolphins we adopt the  S.T.A. International Learn to Swim Programme, which aims to provide a complete progressive aquatic pathway for learners of all ages to progress from their first aquatic experiences through to becoming safe proficient swimmers.


The scheme aims to build on knowledge and skill development at each level and reward achievement through a range of exciting awards and certificates.
Starfish Series
Baby Water Saftey

StarFish 1

1. Safe entry into the pool by both adult and          baby

2. Using swing dips to introduce baby to the          water

3. Supporting baby on the front and move            freely around the pool

4. Supporting baby on the back and move              freely around the pool

5. Cueing baby and washing face with water

6. Exiting pool safely

Stanley Series
First Steps

Stanley 1

1. Identify the teacher

2. Enter the water safely

3. Splash feet at water’s surface while                  supported by wall/ woggle/adult and then      return to a standing position

4. Walk forwards, backwards and sideways        through the water unaided for 5 metres.If       in deeper water, unassisted walking                 actions may be substituted

5. Move through the water on the front for 2      metres, turn around and move back to            start position

6. Move through the water for 2 metres on          the back, roll to regain feet.

7. Blow a small object across the pool for 2          metres

8. Travel under a woggle bridge and through      a shower created by a watering can

9. Push and glide on the front

10. Exit pool safely

Octopus Series

Octopus 1

1. Answer 2 water safety questions

2. Enter the pool safely, steps, ramp, swivel

3. Move through the water confidently in             different ways – walk, hop, jump, skip,               gallop, march

4. Use a woggle to swim front paddle and              back paddle for 5 metres

5. Push and glide on the front and back

6. Attempt a simultaneous circle action with        legs while on the back for 2 metres, using a      woggle or floats

7. Travel under a woggle waterfall,                          experiencing water over the head

8. Return to standing from a star float on the      back

9. Perform a treading water action with legs        using a woggle (sea horses), or floats

10. Exit the pool safely and unassisted

Goldfish Series

Goldfish 1

1. Answer 2 water safety questions

2. Enter the water with a step or jump entry,        tread water for 5 seconds, swim to poolside

3. Push and glide, and hold the streamlined          position for 5 seconds

4. Push and glide, or swim to the bottom of          the pool, to retrieve an object

5. Swim 5 metres on front, roll over and swim      5 metres on back

6. Perform dolphin leg kick on the front or            back for 5 metres

7. Scull head first for 2 metres

8. Scull feet first, using a woggle for support

9. Show rhythmical breathing in front crawl        for 10 metres, using a woggle or float

10. Swim a recognisable breaststroke for 5              metres

Angelfish Series

Angelfish 1

1. Be rescued by a reaching aid

2. Perform a straddle entry and tread water for        30 seconds. If the water is too shallow,                  substitute step entry and support scull for 30      seconds.

3. Push and glide into a forward somersault

4. Scull head first for 5 metres and feet first for        5 metres

5. Swim 15 metres of a recognised front stroke           with correct breathing. Learner’s first choice

6. Swim 10 metres of front stroke with correct        breathing. Learner’s second choice

7. Swim 20 metres of back crawl

8. Swim 10 metres on the front, using dolphin           leg kick, without aids

9. Start in a crouch position in the water,                  spring up before gliding to bottom of pool,            then glide to surface

10. Swim 5 metres of lifesaving backstroke                  without aids

Shark Series

Shark 1

1. Perform a shout and signal rescue to a weak             swimmer, 5 metres away

2. Enter the water with a slide-in entry, swim 10           metres in a T-shirt, tread water for 30 seconds,         remove T-shirt, and climb out

3. Swim 5 metres of a recognized front stroke,                perform a head-first surface dive and swim 5            metres underwater

4. Swim 5 metres of a recognized front stroke,                perform a feet-first surface dive, tuck, and swim      5 metres underwater

5. Swim 50 metres of a recognized front                          stroke. Learner’s first choice

6. Swim 50 metres of back crawl

7. Swim 25 metres of a recognized front                          stroke. Learner’s second choice

8. Swim 25 metres of Old English backstroke

9. Swim 25 metres of front crawl, demonstrating          bilateral breathing

10. Perform a kneeling dive, depth of water                      permitting. 

Distance Series

5 Meters